I always favour a more natural look for my patients, for better aesthetic and more long-lasting results.

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Uplift (Mastopexy)

This surgery addresses the issue of breast ptosis (droopiness) that naturally occurs with age, after breast feeding or sometimes because of heavy breasts.

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Augmentation Mastopexy

This is best suited for women, who have a combination of ptosis (drooping) and loss of breast volume and would like to have a lifted more youthful, but also larger bust.

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This procedure not only improves the aesthetics of the breast, giving you a more youthful and lifted appearance, it also has the physical health benefit of reducing the strain to your upper body.

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Lipomodelling/Fat Transfer

A very powerful minimally invasive ‘fine tuning’ technique, used as an adjunct to many other breast procedures and for those who wish to avoid breast implants.

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Revisional Surgery

All revisional plans are tailor-made and can be complex, it is therefore imperative we discuss these in greater detail during a consultation.

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Asymmetry Correction

There are a number of developmental conditions such as tuberous breast deformity, that can create large differences between the two breasts. Just like revisional surgery, these require bespoke planning if surgery is to be considered.

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Gynaecomastia Surgery

This is the benign enlargement of the male breast. It is a very common condition and the first step is to exclude a potentially reversible cause, through a thorough history and physical examination.

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See your before and after in 3D with Crisalix

With Crisalix's 3D imaging technology, you can see how you would look post procedure in 3D.

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