Lipomodelling/Fat Transfer

The minimally invasive process of taking fat from one place of the body with liposuction (donor site) and transferring it to the breasts is a powerful adjunct to many breast procedures. It can be combined with an implant augmentation, a mastopexy or just used to smooth out any irregularities or bad scarring from previous operations.

In selected cases it can also be used to naturally enhance breasts without an implant. An important drawback of this vegan approach however, is that not all of the transferred fat survives and this varies between 40 – 60%. The rest gets naturally absorbed by the body and the process might need repeating for an optimum outcome.


General Anaesthetic

Operating Time

1.5 – 2hrs of pure surgical time


Daycase or 1 night in hospital, no drains


Between 1 to 2 weeks off


None for 4 weeks


Surgical bra for 4 weeks, donor site compression garment for 6 weeks

Follow Up

1 week with the nurse, 2 – 3 weeks with Mr Nanidis


Must be able to make an emergency stop, typically 1 week

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